As part of the bespoke service, VanLeles Diamonds offers superior quality lustrous pearls: Akoya cultured pearls from Japan; freshwater cultured pearls from the rivers and lakes of China and the South Sea; and black, white and golden cultured pearls from the waters of Tahiti.

All of our pearls are much sought-after for their beauty, magnificent lustre and rich colour. Our pearls come in an array of colours from white, pink and peach to light green, slate grey, silver, pistachio, peacock green and midnight black.

Sizes range from 3mm to 18mm depending on the type of pearl.

Shapes range from perfectly round, round, oval or teardrop to beautiful baroque depending on the type of pearl. Perfectly round pearls are the rarest and therefore most valued.

Vania personally oversees and sources the pearls and is involved in every aspect of the work process from conception to completion.