An inherent creative and self-professed perfectionist, Vania plays an integral part in the entire design process. Her commitment to the exceptional ensures quality, accountability and provenance, which she pairs with a unique ability to harness the earth’s natural wonders.

Born and raised in West Africa, Vania knows first-hand the importance of conflict-free diamonds. Her dedication to ethical and responsible sourcing is at the brand’s core and therefore VanLeles works exclusively with suppliers who operate within the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme. As such, every diamond is accompanied by a written guarantee certifying its legitimate and conflict-free source.

In her pursuit of perfection, Vania travels the globe working with trusted, passionate masters of the craft, each with their own artisanal insight and skill. By partnering with the very best artisans, VanLeles ensures that every facet of each design is considered and perfected throughout its journey.