Vania Leles

“I’ve been fortunate enough to study a craft I love and work with some of the world’s most prestigious jewellery houses, which has helped me find my own voice as a jeweller and as a designer.”

– Vania Leles, Founder

At the helm of VanLeles Diamonds is the founder Vania Leles; a modern day fine jeweller, devoted humanitarian, self-proclaimed perfectionist and former fashion model of African / Portuguese heritage.

As an international model in New York, London and Paris modelling for fine jewellery brand campaigns, Vania developed an eye for the extraordinary and unique. Her natural passion flourished when she went on to study at the world-renowned Gemological Institute of America (GIA), where she honed her skills alongside industry masters.

Upon graduation, Vania relocated to London and worked for the most esteemed names in the industry including Graff Diamonds, De Beers and Sotheby’s Jewellery Department. In these positions, Vania developed her unerring eye for rare beautiful diamonds and gemstones, creating extraordinary bespoke jewellery for exclusive and high profile clientele, including royalty.  She oversaw auctions of some of the century’s most prestigious pieces, such as the jewels of the Duchess of Windsor and the Graff Pink, one of the most expensive jewels ever sold at auction.

Vania launched VanLeles Diamonds in 2011, a brand which centres around her passion for ultra-feminine fine jewellery of the highest standard. From the start, Vania has continued to design remarkably crafted fine jewellery, using rare and unique stones and, specifically, the highest quality conflict-free diamonds. Having witnessed first-hand the harsh illegal diamond trade in Africa, Vania remains personally involved in sourcing all diamonds and gemstones. Constantly travelling the world, Vania strives to source the most beautiful stones always from ethical and sustainable sources, collaborating with renowned artisans and delivering the most exceptional product and service.